Safer Hire

is a simple, fast pre-hire screen which helps clients by measurably reducing workers compensation claims and turnover.

Our Services

Our short pre-hire screen takes less than 9 min., provides immediate results and gives insight into which applicants should be avoided. This allows you to spend your time on the applicants most likely to help your organization succeed.

Our Strategy

We work directly with employers as well as with the largest insurance agencies, and carriers in the country by providing their clients a measurable solution to reduce workers compensation claims and turnover.

Our Results

Safer Hire produces significant results because avoiding entitled applicants allows our clients to sidestep applicants who are resistant to safety training and abuse systems within their organization. 33% of all workers compensation claims happen during employees first year of employment. By reducing turnover our clients address this high correlation between turnover and work comp claims.

Better with Safer Hire Than Without

We have over 20 years of experience working directly with clients and helping partners acquire and retain their clients. This is the result of providing reliable, measurable, scientifically backed results.

Industries Served:

Safer Hire is legally compliant in all states. We are assessing an individual’s values and perceptions rather than evaluating industry jargon or specific job skills. Safer Hire is proven to be useful in nearly every industry.

Why Use Safer Hire

Our clients know they are, “Better With Safer Hire than Without.” By reducing work comp. claims by 42%, size of claim by 15% and turnover by 30% you now have an additional advantage in the marketplace. One of the great advantages is that this is not a, “give it two years and let’s see what happens,” scenario. Within your first few screens you will have applicants respond in ways that make your hiring decisions very obvious. It is also very common to see accidents, claims and turnover begin to trend in the right direction even in the first few months. This reassurance lets you know that you are finally taking measurable steps in the right direction.

Know More

If you could choose to know more about your job applicants or know less before you made a hiring decision the choice would be obvious. You would want to know more. These admissions by job applicants give you insight that you currently do not have. Because Safer Hire is an overt screening tool and you are provided with applicant answers there is no mystery when someone lets you know they will not be a good fit for your organization.

Speed Simplicity

By screening applicants early in the application process, you will be able to slow and, in many cases, avoid the revolving door caused by high turnover. Prior to working with Safer Hire many of our clients HR teams would:

  • collect & review applications,
  • set up & conduct interviews,
  • provide job offers,
  • wait for offer acceptance,
  • request (and pay for) drug and background screens,
  • onboard those meeting all their criteria,
  • set up benefits and payroll,

…only to have their new employees quit, or worse, never show up. When that happens, not only do they have to find, hire, onboard, and train a new person, they also have to complete the offboarding process including provide w-2s at the end of the year! By having applicants complete the 9 min. Safer Hire screen as part of the job application, you will no longer have to do any of the prior steps with applicants who answer questions in a way that make them obvious bad candidates. Now, not only are you avoiding those entitled employees who take up the majority of your time once hired, you also have the huge hiring advantage of focusing on those applicants who will positively contribute to your team! Studies show applicants who pass their pre-hire screen are more likely to pass their drug and background screens as well as stay longer on the job, avoid accidents, have fewer false work comp claims and the list goes on.


Study after study has shown that those applicants who are hired after passing their pre-hire screen have fewer safety incidents. If they do have a legitimate safety accident the cost of those claims are less. Because this survey is designed to weed out job applicants with an entitlement mentality, studies also show that you will see fewer false work comp claims. It makes sense that entitled individuals abuse systems within organizations. It is nearly impossible to get an entitled individual to follow safety procedures when they don’t want to and when they file claims they are more likely to take advantage of the process for a longer period of time. All of these aspects add up to additional costs for you the employer. But you already know this.

More Money

Safer Hire is designed to save you money that is currently being wasted. With an average return on investment of $8 for every $1 you spend the proper paradigm when considering Safer Hire is not, “how much does Safer Hire cost.” The real question is, “what is the current cost of not working with Safer Hire.” We are happy to provide you with those calculations long before you become a client. As a simple conservative example, if you hire an average of 100 new employees per year and you reduce that requirement by 30% you will see a savings of $123,000 just in turnover alone! (The Real Costs of Recruitment ( When you add in the reduction in work comp claims and the many other items we can include in your ROI analysis your investment in Safer Hire becomes a very simple financial decision.

Easy to Use

Including Safer Hire in your application process is meant to make life easier than it was prior. This is one of the reasons we do not have any sign-up fees, or long-term contracts. We know, seeing is believing. If your goal is to reduce workers compensation claims, turnover, streamline your hiring process, make life easier and save money; congratulations! You have come to the right place. We look forward to working with you. Please contact us using the information below. We are here to serve you.



We share our expertise and knowledge to help you attain your business goals.

Why Offer Safer Hire in Your Solution

With over 50 years as workers compensation advisors and pre-hire screening specialists, we know your success is measured by your ability to attract new clients and retain your current clients. This is where Safer Hire comes in. We provide you with a unique addition to your toolbox. Now you have a solution for your clients and prospects that provides measurable results, reduces work comp claims, turnover, and saves them money they are currently losing today.

You don’t have to be the expert, that is what we are here for. All you have to do is introduce Safer Hire as part of every new business conversation and every renewal. We know this works because we have had partners who did not include Safer Hire, only to lose six figure accounts to those who did include Safer Hire as part of the solution they offer.

Your job as our partner is simply to introduce, not sell. Your conversation should be as simple as:

“I offer Safer Hire to all of my clients because, it reduces work comp claims an average of 42%, size of claim by 15% and turnover by 30%. It saves clients more money than it costs, provides insight into job applicant future behaviors, and all of this is accomplished by a simple 9 min. pre-hire screen.

Simply stated, I recommend this solution because my clients are better with Safer Hire than without.

Let’s schedule a short 30 min. conversation with a member of their team so you can decide if it makes sense for you. I don’t want you to miss out just because you aren’t aware.”


New solutions provide you with new reasons to talk with prospects and new solutions give you the competitive advantage.


We all know that your clients are bombarded by competitors all year long. We also know that every line of business you place improves retention. When you bring unique solutions that measurably solve problems your clients will rely on you for your expertise.

Help Clients

Clients with fewer work comp claims and less turnover are better positioned for success than those still struggling with these problems.

Easy for you

We do the work for you when you simply introduce a better solution.

More money

You make more money when you get more clients and don’t loose the ones you have.

We look forward to making you look good!
Let us know how we can be of service.